Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

lighting strike burns down shed

Lightning strike causes fire burning down the shed and causing several thousand in damage.

Momma always said no silverware in the microwave

Momma always said no silverware in the microwave When the microwave came out it hit the US harder then John Lennon and the Beatles. Everyone wanted a microwave ... READ MORE

Kitchen Hood Fire

Kitchen Hood Fire Fire damage in this Monroe County kitchen was Massive. The before photo shows the heavy soot-covered wall cabinets and exhaust hood. The rest ... READ MORE

Total House Fire

This is one of the worst fire losses we here at SERVPRO Have gotten to handle. This fire destroyed over 73.89% of the surfaces it encountered. The cause of the ... READ MORE

Community Center Fire

Above you see the aftermath of a electrical fire in what was once a community center many families used when they were at the community beach. Complete with A/C... READ MORE

Fire Damage

Fire Damage is by far the scariest type of damage to watch occur. The flames overtaking anything it can , the smoke covering the whole area. All the way down to... READ MORE

Basement Fire Damage

Here we have a picture of devastating fire damage. The fire started due to a leaky pipe and a bad pilot light on the hot water heater. Notice the extent of the... READ MORE