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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Basement Fire Damage

Here we have a picture of devastating fire damage. The fire started due to a leaky pipe and a bad pilot light on the hot water heater. Notice the extent of the... READ MORE

Severe Mold damage in Bathroom

This bathroom suffered severe mold damage,years of neglect and mistreatment the room. The bathroom was a part of a house wide water break that damaged over 90%o... READ MORE

Flooded House Damage

In this situation we had a washing machine leak and end up flooding the mud room and it came down to the ceiling of the kitchen, causing the Sheetrock to get so... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Vandalism

This image shows what happens when someone just starts messing with a fire extinguisher. This spraying did a tremendous amount of damage to this building. It ru... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold

This bathroom was destroyed from years of neglect. This is what happens when buildings are left unattended. Over time in areas like a bathroom that already have... READ MORE

Vandalism Removal

SERVPRO came in and removed many different graffiti pieces that were spray-painted onto the concrete of this beautiful theater that has been home to some amazin... READ MORE

Fire Damage

Fire Damage is by far the scariest type of damage to watch occur. The flames overtaking anything it can , the smoke covering the whole area. All the way down to... READ MORE

Community Center Fire

Above you see the aftermath of a electrical fire in what was once a community center many families used when they were at the community beach. Complete with A/C... READ MORE

Total House Fire

This is one of the worst fire losses we here at SERVPRO Have gotten to handle. This fire destroyed over 73.89% of the surfaces it encountered. The cause of the ... READ MORE

Moldy Cement Floor

This is a moldy cement floor in Marshalls Creek. The building that the water damage was in is a building that has been in the area for meany decades. It once wa... READ MORE

Water Damage EMS

This was the before and after on a Commercial job in Mt. Pocono. The water damage took place over several months leading up to the apparent damage you can see i... READ MORE

Moldy Shingles

Mold damage is something you typically see inside a home due to moisture sitting and eating organic matters. What we have here is the aftermath of moisture gett... READ MORE

Crawlspace Mold

Pennsylvania is known for its harsh winters, wet springs and hot summers. The weather is constantly changing, Now you may not think any of the fact that you hav... READ MORE

Flood Waters

Flood water is a nasty thing. Here we have a flood that occurred in Bushkill. The water from a local stream began to overflow due to high water amounts in the d... READ MORE

Wind Storm Damage

Wind damage is a huge part of the power a storm can have. We as people see things like tornadoes and hurricanes even just very strong storms destroy peoples hom... READ MORE

Storm Damage Water Leak

Storm damage comes in all shapes and sizes. This job here would be an example of a small loss. Only a little bit of damage caused the roof and wall to get a bit... READ MORE

Roof Storm Damage

Here we have some storm damage that took out 1/3 of the shingles on the roof. Heavy rain combined with Some heavy winds caused part of the roof to start to lose... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

This badly water damaged drop ceiling is in Mount Pocono, PA was a result of a leaky roof. Notice how badly damaged the drop ceiling tiles have become after mon... READ MORE

Office Water Damage

Water loss is never fun. Especially when the water damage takes over your office space. In the pictures above you can see the before and after of a water damage... READ MORE

Sun Roof Leak

Sun roofs are a great way to open up a room and draw some great sunlight inside. One of the main downfalls of these sunroofs comes when the installer skips step... READ MORE

Water Damage in the Family Room

Water Damage in the Family Room The family room is a place meant for making memories with your family, opening holiday gifts with the family by an open fire. Th... READ MORE

HAZMAT X Tub flooding

HAZMAT X Tub flooding Here at SERVPRO, we see a lot of crazy things on a daily basis. The job was one for the record books. SERVPRO is called in on a possible C... READ MORE

Storm ridden insulation

Storm ridden insulation The pictures above show what happens when a roof leak causes the roofing insulation to get saturated and therefore of no use anymore. SE... READ MORE

Sub Pump Overflow

Sub Pump Overflowinstalling a sub pump in your home is a great way to prepare for the worst but be ready for the best. In this house, the home received a record... READ MORE

Sub floor Mold Damage

Subfloor Mold Damage Replacing your current carpet or hardwood floor can be a very exciting time. out with the old and in with the new beautiful flooring of you... READ MORE

Commercial Mold

Mold is something that we have people live with everyday, from the algein the water to the mold on your coffee cup when you forget its on the night stand for a ... READ MORE

Commercial Oil Spill

Commercial Oil Spill When renting or owning your own apartment complex you must be prepared for anything. In the images above you can see the before and after o... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial Mold Remediation Commercial buildings are one of the largest areas we at SERVPRO tend to see mold problems occur at. Is it because as we as people gr... READ MORE

Kitchen Hood Fire

Kitchen Hood Fire Fire damage in this Monroe County kitchen was Massive. The before photo shows the heavy soot-covered wall cabinets and exhaust hood. The rest ... READ MORE

Momma always said no silverware in the microwave

Momma always said no silverware in the microwave When the microwave came out it hit the US harder then John Lennon and the Beatles. Everyone wanted a microwave ... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Basement

Having a pipe burst in the basement of your home or business is very nerve-racking. You hope if and when it happens you are ready. But out of the blue in the mi... READ MORE

lighting strike burns down shed

Lightning strike causes fire burning down the shed and causing several thousand in damage.

Water leak causing massive damage

water leak ran down 2nd floor into bathroom on first floor.

Mold makes the people say "O NO"

mold found in drywall and subfloor after major water loss sat for over 3 months

Mold makes the people say "O NO"

mold found in drywall and subfloor after major water loss sat for over 3 months

Tree down

tree falls through roof causing several thousands in damage on multiple floors